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Windy City Anesthesia was founded by Dan Borvan in 1995. Dan received his Master of Science Degree in Nurse Anesthesia from Bradley University. He has served his country in both the United States Army and the Air Force Reserve, achieving the rank of Captain, and earning the U.S. Army Certificate of Achievement.

In addition to his over twelve years of experience in providing office-based anesthesia services, Dan spent eight years in trauma anesthesia at Olympia Fields Hospital and Medical Center. In service to the anesthesia field at large, he is also a Past President of the Illinois Association of Nurse Anesthetists (2007-2008), as well as a member of the Illinois Society of Advanced Practice Nurses.

We offer Office Based Anesthesia Services in Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Michigan and Iowa.
The Windy City Anesthesia team is excited to accept the 2016 Best of New Lenox Award!

Windy City Anesthesia is the midwest leader in Office Based Anesthesia services. We provide anesthesia coverage to hospitals, surgery centers and physician’s offices.
Our dedication, hard work, and competitive rates allow us to excel in our service to you. Whether you are an anesthesia provider, a hospital/surgery center administrator, or a surgeon; the employees of Windy City Anesthesia will work with you and for you. Our goal is to make your anesthesia as smooth as a summer breeze!
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