Anesthesia for Urological Surgery

Anesthesia for Urological Surgery

Anesthesia for Urological Surgery

At Windy City Anesthesia we understand the needs of the urologist who requires the support of a specialist for the administration of Anesthesia for Urological Surgery from a Lithotripsy to a vasectomy.

The application of anesthesia for urological surgery requires advanced knowledge due to the various techniques that exist and types of anesthesia that exist such as:

• Anesthesia for bladder and prostate
• Anesthesia for renal surgery
• Urethral anesthesia and genital surgery
• Anesthesia for laparoscopic urological surgery
• Urological emergency anesthesia

The most used techniques for anesthesia for urological surgery are:

• Local
• Regional
• General
• Combination of the above

Windy City Anesthesia has highly trained instruments, facilities and personnel to offer this service to all those urologists who require urological surgery.

Learn about our Urological Surgery Anesthesia service by clicking here or call us at 1-815-469-9750 to get all the information you need about our services.

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