Anesthesia Services for Podiatric Surgery

Anesthesia Services for Podiatric Surgery

Anesthesia Services for Podiatric Surgery

Nowadays podiatric surgeries are performed under the application of local anesthesia, which allows the patient to be awake during the entire surgery. Although, not all foot professionals can have an anesthesia specialist, or the facilities and equipment required to perform surgeries under anesthesia. It is for this reason that Windy City Anesthesia offers Anesthesia services for Podiatric Surgery.

At Windy City, we have the appropriate and highly qualified staff and facilities to support health professionals with the provision of anesthesia for podiatric surgery.

How is the anesthesia performed for this type of surgery?

Anesthesia should not be taken lightly, any mistake can cause a misfortune, even if it is placed for foot surgery. The procedure must be performed by a certified anesthesiologist.

Anesthesia for foot surgery is known as “local anesthesia”, which means that a series of injections are made around the toe, ankle or knee, thus avoiding working with general anesthesia.

It is necessary that the professional who performs the surgery, together with the anesthesiologist, ensures that his patient is medically and physically qualified to comply with the postoperative regimen and has a person who may be present on the day of the operation.

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