What is an Ambulatory Surgery Center?

What is an Ambulatory Surgery Center?

What is an Ambulatory Surgery Center?

An Ambulatory Surgery Center, also known as ASC, are centers where medical attention is provided that mainly provide ambulatory surgical care, that is, processes that do not require hospitalization for recovery, the person enters and leaves on their own foot in a period of no more than 1 hour.

The Ambulatory Surgery Centers also offer diagnostic and prevention procedures.

These centers have become a better experience for people, as in many cases they avoid surgeries in which they must remain hospitalized.

Advances in surgery, anesthesia and pain management techniques allow people to be treated without having to undergo general anesthesia to treat small areas.

The procedures performed in an Ambulatory Surgery Center are 100% safe, since all ASCs must comply with laws, regulations and regulations like all hospitals, as well as sanitary standards.

Each of these centers must have programs and procedures to prevent infections and must continually carry out evaluations of the care they provide to patients.

An Ambulatory Surgery Center is not very different from a hospital, the biggest difference is to perform anesthesia treatments ensuring that the patient will leave in a couple of hours without being hospitalized.

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