What is Plastic Surgery Anesthesia

What is Plastic Surgery Anesthesia

What is Plastic Surgery Anesthesia

Although it seems obvious to understand the meaning of Plastic Surgery Anesthesia, there are many people who are still not clear about this term, or who are unaware of the types of anesthesia that exist for surgeries, whether aesthetic or not.

The application of anesthesia is a safe and low-risk process, as long as the anesthesiologist’s instructions are followed before surgery such as avoiding food and liquid intake, at least 8 hours before surgery, and certain medications

What is nuemonitis?

When a person does not follow the minimum 8 hours without eating or drinking, falling asleep the food and / or drink can cause reflux of these into the mouth and lungs. The gastric juices that go to the lung are very acidic and severely damage the lungs.

What types of anesthesia corresponds to each surgery?

General anesthesia

Under this type of anesthesia the patient is completely asleep. It is widely used for rhinoplasty, breast surgery or when there are more than two surgical processes at the same time.

Epidural anesthesia

With this anesthesia, the nerve endings of the spinal cord are blocked. It is frequently used in tummy tuck and lower limb liposuctions.

Local anesthesia

Very specific local areas are anesthetized that do not require the patient to sleep completely. This anesthesia can be used for some localized liposuction, or small surgeries.


It is very similar to the general anesthesia, although, despite being asleep you are aware of your breathing. This anesthesia works in combination with local anesthesia to prevent the patient from waking up suddenly and feeling pain. This anesthesia in combination with others can be used for tummy tuck or leg liposuction.

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