What is the benefit of hiring Windy City Anesthesia?

What is the benefit of hiring Windy City Anesthesia?

Performing surgical procedures in an office-based environment has shown great benefits and even more so since the emergence of SARS-CoV-2.

This pandemic that we are witnessing has changed our life routines 100%.

Beyond seeing great economic benefits, which include higher reimbursements, many physicians are moving away from hospitals and surgery centers due to two reasons:

1. Safety of not being in public places continuously.
2. Improved quality of life often associated with performing procedures in your own office.

In addition, it allows them to have greater control of their own schedules, thus avoiding scheduling delays and limited operating rooms.

The result is a more efficient and streamlined schedule without the need for additional travel.

When a procedure is performed within your own office, you are assured of a freer schedule to perform outpatient procedures in less time, as travel becomes a major time investment.

Thanks to our experience, doctors can focus on their activity, without having to worry about anesthesia. Our anesthesia team is made up of MDs, CRNAs, and RNs trained in critical care. And although emergencies are rare, if they do occur, our staff is equipped to intervene and handle the situation.

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