Where can I request an outpatient anesthesia service?

Where can I request an outpatient anesthesia service?

Windy City, mobile anesthesia in Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Michigan and Iowa.

Are you a doctor and do you need ambulatory anesthesia service? You are at the right place, Widy City Anesthesia, offers mobile anesthesia in Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Michigan and Iowa directly in your office.

Our anesthesia providers are second to none. We are aware of the competitive market today and we work to keep the anesthesia for your patients safe and affordable. When you use Windy City Anesthesia, you can be assured our personnel are capable, competent, and conscious of providing the patient with a pleasant anesthesia experience.

We have experience in anesthesia for over 20 years. In 2016, the Windy City Anesthesia team received the Best of New Lenox Award!

We offer mobile anesthesia for:

Ambulatory Surgical Centers
Manipulation Under Anesthesia
Plastic Surgey Anesthesia
Dental Surgey Anesthesia
Obstetrics and Gynecologic Anesthesia
Interventional Pain Management Center
Podiatry Surgery Anesthesia
Urology Surgery Anesthesia

We employ the most modern methods of IV sedation to adequately prepare your patient for their procedure.

Windy City Anesthesia have specific experience regarding the needs of each procedure.

We can provide anesthesia services to you on a daily or long-term basis. We provide MDAs and CRNAs and we also place professionals in long term assignments.

We have a large team of CRNAs that, in addition to providing the anesthesia service, also offer care during surgery.

Windy City Anestehesia offer our services in hospitals, surgery centers and physician’s offices.

In less than 15 minutes we installed our workstation and we are ready to start the surgery and our experts leave your office, hospital or center when the patient has been discharged.

At Windy City Anesthesia we offer cutting-edge technology for our anesthesia practices.

Our dedication, hard work, and competitive rates allow us to excel in our service to you.

At Windy City offer competitive rates so that we can assist you in optimizing personnel use.

To request our services just contact us by calling 1-815-469-9750 or click here (http://bit.ly/31HXpQr) and a member of our team will contact you to schedule a visit to your office so you can know more about our services y personal.

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