Learn about Windy City Anesthesia services for 2023

Learn about Windy City Anesthesia services for 2023

Welcome to 2023!

It is important to the Windy City Anesthesia team to provide the best service to all of our clients, so we are introducing our 2023 in-office anesthesia services to meet your needs.

It is important to the Windy City Anesthesia team to maintain our safety protocol and to offer a 100% safe service to provide anesthesia as smooth as a summer breeze.

We offer our in-office anesthesia services to:

Hospitals – Procedure room suites
Surgical centers
Medical office procedures

We offer competitive rates and the best techniques performed by the best team with the utmost attention from healthcare professionals in:

– Chicago and suburbs
– Down state Illinois
– Nebraska
– Michigan
– Iowa
– Wisconsin

Our anesthesia team consists of certified registered nurse anesthetists, anesthesiologists, and nurses trained in critical care, and although emergencies are rare, if they do occur, our staff is equipped to intervene and handle the situation.

Among our services you will find anesthesia for:

– Ambulatory Surgery Centers
– Plastic surgery anesthesia
– Dental surgery anesthesia
– Obstetrical and gynecological anesthesia
– Anesthesia for podiatric surgery
– Anesthesia for urological surgery
– Anesthesia for gastroenterology

At Windy City Anesthesia we have state-of-the-art technology for our anesthesia practices.

To request our services, please contact us at 1-815-469-9750 and a member of our team can schedule a visit to your practice to learn more about our services and staff.


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