Windy City Anesthesia Extends Office-Based Anesthesia Services to Florida

We’re thrilled to announce that Windy City Anesthesia is expanding its renowned Office-Based Anesthesia Services to the vibrant state of Florida to Ambulatory Surgical Centers, All-Size Hospitals and Doctor`s Offices across Florida.

Office-Based Anesthesia Services for Surgical Interventions of ESWL

One of the most common surgeries performed in urology is ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy).

How can Windy City Anesthesia help you with urology surgery?

Windy City Anesthesia, the in office anesthesia experts , knows the needs of the urologist when it comes to providing anesthesia in the surgeons office. We offer in offices anesthesia services for urology procedures such as urolift to lithotripsy’s.

Anesthesia Service for Ambulatory Surgery Windy City Anesthesia

At Windy City Anesthesia we know that having an Anesthesia Service at your office is a necessity that must be covered by certified experts. For this reason, we offer Anesthesia Services for Ambulatory Surgery in Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Michigan and Iowa.

Windy City Anesthesia: Synonym for Trust and Safety in Office Based Anesthesia Services

Windy City Anesthesia has certified specialists to offer you safety and confidence in our Office Based Anesthesia Services in Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Michigan, and Iowa.

Windy City Anesthesia Services

Our main goal at Windy City Anesthesia is to make your anesthesia as smooth as a summer breeze by offering our services to hospitals, surgical centers, surgeons, dentists, and medical office procedures with competitive rates and the best techniques performed by the best team with the utmost attention from health care professionals in Chicago, Illinois, […]

Thank you for another year of confidence

2021 was a year of great challenges for all of us, we could say that it has been the most difficult year we have lived talking about health, work and morality.

Difference between Anesthesiologist and Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

Windy City Anesthesia offers secure Office Based Anesthesia service in Chicago, Illinois Indiana, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Michigan and Iowa.

Where can I request an outpatient anesthesia service?

Windy City, Office Based Anesthesia in Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Michigan and Iowa.

How long will it take for Windy City Anesthesia to begin doing your anesthesia?

Our team of professionals are ready to gather all contracts, licenses, equipment, and carts you may need for anesthesia. It can take as little as two weeks to have Windy City Anesthesia start doing your anesthesia.