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Specialties of Office Based Anesthesia Services in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Specialties of Office Based Anesthesia Services

Windy City Anesthesia provides anesthesia services for the entire spectrum of medical specialties. We have specific experience with regard to the needs of each procedure. We are confident that you will consider us a partner in your growth and that we will mirror your concept of patient care and safety.

Our specialties include, but are not limited to:

Ambulatory Surgical Centers - Windy City Anesthesia

We understand the needs regarding the volume and time constraints associated with running an Ambulatory Surgery Center. We will partner with you to provide anesthesia in a fashion that is in line with your expectations of excellent patient care.

Manipulation Under Anesthesia - Windy City Anesthesia
We are experienced at providing anesthesia services for Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA). If you are an Orthopedist that is trained in MUA and are looking for a partner pain management specialist, Windy City Anesthesia can make such an introduction.
Plastic Surgery Anesthesia - Windy City Anesthesia
We provide multiple levels of sedation for the full spectrum of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, from delicate hand surgery to full body liposuction, and everything in between.
Dental Surgery Anesthesia - Windy City Anesthesia

We are skilled in providing sedation for dental procedures. Let us assist you in making your patients comfortable for their dental procedures and oral surgery.

Obstetrics And Gynecologic Anesthesia - Windy City Anesthesia

We have specific experience in providing sedation services for a multitude of gynecological procedures, including Hysteroscopy, Novasure and Adiana. We will work with you on converting your office into a procedure-ready facility, effectively saving you time and money!

Podiatry Surgery Anesthesia - Windy City Anesthesia

We provide anesthesia for the full spectrum of podiatry cases, and can also refer you to one of our excellent partner facilities, should you need a location to operate.

Urology Surgery Anesthesia - Windy City Anesthesia

From Lithrotripsy to Vasectomy, Windy City Anesthesia understands the needs of the busy Urologist and has extensive experience in providing anesthesia in the urology setting.

Gastroenterology Anesthesia

Windy City Anesthesia offers anesthesia for Gastroenterology. Gastroenterology will be propofol-only anesthesia for your EGD and colonoscopy. We provide all medications and
equipment for your GI suite.

Windy City Anesthesia is the midwest leader in Office Based Anesthesia services. We provide anesthesia coverage to hospitals,surgery centers and physician’s offices.
Our dedication, hard work, and competitive rates allow us to excel in our service to you. Whether you are an anesthesia provider, a hospital/surgery center administrator, or a surgeon; the employees of Windy City Anesthesia will work with you and for you. Our goal is to make your anesthesia as smooth as a summer breeze!
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